Brand new!

terra firma is pleased to announce our brand new series of workshops!
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own magazine, how to make a digital negative or to make a pinhole camera?*

Well now's your chance! Check out what's on offer below -

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*Pinhole camera workshop COMING SOON

Making a magazine


An introduction into the world of magazines, publishing, design, and collaboration. Throughout this five week course we will work together as a team to create a group made publication. From idea conception, to creating content, editing and designing, you'll get to oversee the whole process, then at the end you'll have your very own printed magazine!

Workshop outline


5 weeks - £300 (includes a copy of the magazine)

Dates and location TBC

Thursday evenings 6pm-8pm 

Group size 6


Requirements for the course -
Access to your own laptop, inDesign.


Week one

Introduction into magazines, my personal journey of creating terra firma. 

Followed by some key aspects of what you need to know to publish your own magazine.  

Discussion as a group on your ideas and what you want to achieve during this five week course. Homework: Create a whatsapp group and google drive

Week two

How to structure your magazine. Coming up with a name, theme and topics you want to research. Idea brainstorming. Starting to contact people to contribute to the magazine. Allocating roles within the magazine amongst your team.

Homework: Facilitate the creation of 3 ideas to go with the theme of the magazine, 

1 written piece, 1 artwork/drawing, 1 design/photograph

Week three

Introduction into Adobe inDesign, the programme that most magazine publishers use to design layouts for their publications.

Homework: Make a mini zine on inDesign

Week four
Selecting work, how to collate images, edit text and create a visually interesting publication. Beginning to edit images, text and putting stories together in preparation for week 5. How to design your front cover and spine.

Week five
Using the skills learnt in week 3 to design your very own magazine. You will then have a finished PDF that is ready for print. Two weeks later we can meet up again and I’ll hand you all your copy of your magazine that you DESIGNED and PUBLISHED in just 5 weeks!


edited 5.jpg

Alternative Photography

During this 3 week course you will get to learn a variety of alternative photographic skills and approaches.

You will be introduced to a dark room, how to handle and prepare chemicals and the magic of light sensitive paper. You'll learn historical photographic techniques as well as how to transfer iPhone images into the darkroom. All work created during this course is yours to keep, so you'll end up with a whole portfolio of new work that you have made during this course.

Workshop outline


3 weeks - £150 (includes all materials)

Date - 4th, 11th, 18th of August, 6pm-8pm 

Location - The Biscuit Factory 100 Clements Rd, SE16 4DG


List of materials provided in your workshop

-Dark room chemicals (developer & fixative)

-Ilford 8x10 inch photographic paper

-Sheets of acetate to make digital negatives

-Cardboard and a variety of fabrics

-Acrylic medium for image transfers


Week one

Photograms + Chemigrams 

Photograms, a technique popularised by Man Ray, as a way of documenting objects in an avant-garde way. 

We will create a series of Man Ray inspired images, using a variety of objects ranging in opacity, shape, form and structure.

To create Chemigrams, we will be using a mixture of different household elements, from mayonnaise to bleach, we will work together to manipulate your image to create fantastical prints that almost replicate outer space.


Week two

Image transfer technique. 

With images created on the course, you will get the opportunity to transfer these from just average printer paper onto a variety of different mediums. From cardboard, to coloured paper to fabrics. It's a great way to elevate your image and bring a beautiful textural aspect to your work.


Week three

Creating digital negatives + transferring a digital image from your phone onto darkroom paper.

You'll be shown how to edit your images to prepare them to be your very own negative, these will then be printed onto acetate and you'll be shown how to print from those images.

In the second part of this workshop we will work collaboratively together to transfer images from our iPhone screens straight onto dark room paper, it's practically MAGIC!


More workshops coming soon!

If any of these take your fancy in the meantime, email us at to secure your place.

The first 5 people to sign up for our workshops get a free terra firma publication!