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Amidst an array of glorious botanical offerings, some limes and a succulent, peace lilies, poppies, and grapefruit punctuate Terra Firma’s 2019 diary. I mention some limes and a succulent, peace lilies, poppies, and grapefruit only because their formal attributes are recognizable to my genus-illiterate self. As ‘Flowers and Plants’, some limes and a succulent, peace lilies, poppies, and grapefruit demonstrate the publication’s investigation of horticulture, and its visual and discursive potential.


I stress that you do not need green thumbs to bask in the selection of photographic plates, texts and collages curated by Art Director Sophie Willison. The diary’s visual and textual poetics drastically transcends its overarching typology. We are invited to consider the natural world both for its capacity to affect us, and its inherently seasonal disposition. Between each calendar week throughout the year, the user is encouraged to take root and bloom – greeted warmly by fine offerings from the magazine’s innumerable contributors. 


Page 33 stands out to me particularly for its employment of the plant as monument – a kind of commemorative architecture inscribed by its climatic truths. In Willison’s photograph, a modest fibro home stands quietly behind a writhing hand of parched cactus. You cannot ignore the sense of familiarity that these characters share, presumably having grown and changed in relation to one another and it is this dynamic history that the image distils. The two forms mock each other like old friends, showing no sign of mercy. 


Green encroaches forcibly into the composition, offering its effervescence against the sombre suburban vision. The work heralds the diary’s arrival at March, and this pairing will evoke something unique for every viewer. For me, a sunburnt month of cicadas’ chatter. For me, the resurgence of routine and due dates. I am energized by the photographer’s vivacity.


One of Lily Golightly’s textual entries describes her encounter with a camellia – its mere presence offered a long-awaited answer. Previously, Golightly’s favourite flowers were tulips but now this has changed. “I feel that they’re expensive and they die”, posits a practical Kara Nissan on this floral topic, championing plants as a more sensible alternative.


Whether we love them or they make you (me) sneeze, whether your lover bought you some for your birthday or forgot, we cannot deny the archival potential of flowers and plants. Often our memories, fond and not, are tied to the very locale in which they unfurled, bestowing great significance on the vegetal witnesses. It is this significance that Terra Firma honours, and I am tremendously excited to splay 2019 across their splendid pages.


Volume Art Book Fair

Artspace in collaboration with Printed Matter Inc.


13th - 15th of October 2017

Issue 04

Launch Party Sydney,Austrailia

Window illustrations by Jacqueline Mcleish 

Issue 04

Launch Party Information!

Issue 04 of terra firma magazine launched in FOUR different countries!

Sydney, Australia / Antwerp, Belgium / London, UK / Shanghai, China

Issue 04 launched in Sydney on Monday the 13th of March 2017 at Beautiful Pages, 114 Oxford Street.

To celebrate the release of the fourth issue we collaborated with illustrator Jacqueline Mcleish who created a window artwork as part of our window display revealed on the evening! 

Issue 03, Launch Party, 22nd June 2016, Goodspace Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Mags to flick through, projections, wine, artworks, music and publications by other artists from around the world!




Jessie Lee Nash

Mashara Wachjudy

Valentina Penkova

Felicity Leraci

Sophie Willison


''In these ancient nights of hot water bottles and and electric blankets, my warmest night on the town concluded with a visit to the upstairs floor of the Lord Gladstone Hotel, now part of the Chippendale Renaissance, and jumping in diverse ways. That night it was State of Origin downstairs and mayhem. As the noise rose skywards, Goodspace upstairs was launching not terra nullius, not terra cotta but TERRA FIRMA a small (A5) hard-spined quarterly dedicated to the collaboration of art and design. You can get it at the MCA shop and online. Worth a look, full of new energy and ideas.If you attended the excellent Volume (an adjunct of Sydney Contemporary last year, you would recognize where this book is coming from) Many international photographers have contributed and much therein to look at. Check out The Edge of Nullabor series. Associated publication Desire Lines (designed by the editor of Terra Firma, Sophie Willison) with its photographic walk through abandoned industrial sites in Alexandria was also on display up there on 'the floor of heaven' (to quote Shakespeare - his poetic metaphor for terra firma) Apparently Goodspace gets going every Wednesday night'' - Jim Anderson

Artwork- Valentina Penkova

Artwork- Jessie Lee Nash

Artwork- Mashara Wachjudy


Publications by

Laura Puigdellívol & Laura Fernández Antolín, Laura Ginger & Abbie Butfoy

Christina Evans, Matthew Brownell, Camila Montoya & Desire Lines

MCA Zine fair 11th & 12th June 2016


Publications by

Tali Bayer - 'Plants + Spaces = places'

Mathew Brownell - 'Bodyworkbodywork'

Laura Ginger & Abbie Butfoy - 'Josh Doesn't Know'

Nathan Martella - 'Manipulations and mirrors'

Christina Evans - 'Nothing Matter'

Camila Montoya- 'Kokoro' & 'Hotcakes'

New stockists

IDEA books / Dover Street Market


Museum of Contemporary Art - Australia

Closing Ceremony - China

Launch Party for issue 02 of terra firma magazine on the 02.07.15 at Claire de Rouen Books.






A chance to browse the new issue before it arrived on shelves, to meet other creatives, and have some wine.