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Laura Puigdellivol​



The reality is the relation of subjects and objects, a network of endless connections. There is no "singular me", the relations should be understood as a "plural me" or rather, as philosopher Marina Garcés calls it, an "impersonal us". This is the basis of the intercorporality, concept which has generated the theoretical landscape for my collection.


The intercorporality is the idea of merging bodies, blur the body limits to be aware that, due to the fact that I am my body, I discover me as a subjectivity that can not be absolute. From this perspective, the access to the other is not a problem: the other is no longer in front of me, otherwise I discover myself surrounded by the other.



The bluring of the body limits, the abstraction of the outline of the flesh, is a poetic device, a metaphor, a tool to rethink our ways of relating as bodies.


Un nosaltres impersonal


Fashion designer: Laura Puigdellívol ( )

Art direction: Edu Piracés ( ),  Cristina Vila ( )

Photography: Carlos Jimenez ( )

Assistance: Oriol Ocaña ( ), María Morgui 


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