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Federico Medina


This photography project was taken in Guadalajara, Mexico in Nov 2015 ~ documenting the city with photographs

StoopDown Photography


Guadalajara, Mexico 2015


Photo 1:

White Cow Statue Attached to Wall

This cow statue has been on the wall in Guadalajara since I lived there. It is attached to a wall that is covered with art. It had some writing I had never noticed before that read “Art Killer”.


Photo 2:

Transgender Individual Asking for Money at El Centro

I approached this person after I noticed her asking for spare change from the public. I asked if I could take her picture and she posed accordingly. She asked to see the photo afterward then asked for some pesos.


Photo 3:

El Parque De Los Vochos

I had the opportunity to photograph a community event in Santa Cecilia at a park that is named by the locals El Parque De Los Vochos (The Park of the VW Beetles). This photograph explains the reason why it earned that name. This sculpture at the entrance of the park is constructed by metal poles that form trees with classic VW Beetles mounted at the top.


Photo 4:

Mexican Municipal Police Officer Having His Boots Shined

I took this photo as I was leaving El Centro from my daily street photograph session. I immediately hurried to capture the image positioned myself and began photographing...once I heard the officer say "Y el que está asiendo allí?" - "What's he doing there?" It was time to go.


Photo 5:

Sculpture on the Seafront in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This sculpture is one of the first that was placed on the Malecon (Seafront) in 1984. Mexican artist Ramiz Barquet created this sculpture to symbolize the love for his wife Nelly.


Photo 6:

Man in Gorilla Costume in Front Bar

With the amount of bars and nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, they use all sorts of tactics to drive people into their establishments. Including this man in a gorilla costume during the daytime, when the temperature reached approx 26ºC.


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