Monika G Dorniak

Doornaik published in the colour version invites you to watch her full length film 'The Metacognitive Tool'

again and yet again,
the mistake to believe that time can be conditioned with synthetic formulas; appearing fragmentations that one ought concatenating,
failing to comprehend:
what has happened, cannot not have happened, not any longer –

oppressed memory and overbeared mind,
now, avid for new, vague impressions, instead of contemplating, what appears to not disappear;

memory is carried in the body, displaced by news, obstructing the wearer, with matter, that time is absorbing, an initial idea,
to slip through physics, is denied by collective elements;

it is invisible, and too present not to be.

"Time is thus merely a dependent set of relations, not an entity in its own right, and certainly not the inherently existent vessel of existence it might appear to be."
from Nagarjuna’s Mulamadhyamakakarika


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