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issue no.8

Issue 08 - 'the anxiety issue'


Terra Firma Magazine explores the power of artistic expression in its eighth issue, focusing on the theme of anxiety. With its commitment to providing a platform for artists and nurturing their creative voices, Terra Firma showcases the profound impact of anxiety on the artistic process, unleashing a collection of thought-provoking, moving, inspiring and powerful works.


In an era where mental health awareness is paramount, Terra Firma recognizes the significance of fostering an environment where artists can openly explore and articulate their experiences with anxiety. This issue serves as a testament to the resilience of these talented individuals who channel their emotional journeys into evocative art forms, creating a vivid tapestry of emotions and perspectives. Through striking visuals, introspective text pieces, immersive poetry and captivating interviews, readers are invited to embark on a transformative journey, guided by the raw and unfiltered creativity born out of anxious minds.

Artists featured in this issue -


Lina Ivanova & Sophie Willison

Maria Louceiro

Duncan Poulton & Sally Beets

Mat Scott

Alexandra Diez de Rivera

Maksym Kozlov

Ojaswa Thapliyal

Katya Llina

Serena Siow

Thomas Garnon

Bethany Parkinson

Mercedes G.L.O

Charlie Adamson-Hammond

Mert Batirbaygil

Ivory Campbell

Ellen Ball

Lea Sophia Greub

Nina Allmoslechner

Julia Comita & Diana Wesiman

Yağmur Özdemir

Georgia Clemson

Caitlin Hespe

Kat Benedict

Terra Firma magazine issue 08 - front cover.png

Image by Duncan Poulton & Sally Beets

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